U.S. Marines, Fort Worth, Tx.
Lieutenant-General Dong Si Nyguen
North Vietnamese veteran.
Most decorated Vietnamese soldier.
General Vo Nyguen Giap.
U.S. veterans, Washington D.C.
North Vietnamese amputee
Frederick Downs, platoon leader amputee.
U.S. helicopter playground.
U.S. General Westmoreland I
Robert McNamara, ex U.S. Sec. of Defense.
General Vo Nyguen Giap II
Entertainer Bob Hope.
Hanoi prison.
Amerasian mother and her children
Journalist Wallace Terry.
Saigon war museum.
Wooden prothesis.
War widows, Hanoi.
Captain Van Chia and bat.
William Colby, former CIA chief.
Tran Van Thuy, filmmaker
U.S. army dog tags.
Photographer Tim Page.
Photographer Eddie Adams
North Vietnamese photographer.
U.S. General Westmoreland II
Ex U.S. soldier with Vietnamese wife.
Blind veterans.
Bomb craters repurposed as rice paddies.
Blind veteran, Hanoi.
General Vo Nyguen Giap and wife.
Hanoi Hannah.
Pham Thi Tranh.
My Lai massacre survivor Pham Thi Tranh.
Zippo lighters, Saigon.
General Zumwalt.
War cemetery, North Vietnam.
War memorial, Washington D.C.
American tank relic.
Film maker Oliver Stone.

Project Information

This commission from the American magazine LIFE came about when I ventured to Vietnam on a speculative basis to make a series of portraits of key figures who had participated in the war. After showing the series to LIFE magazine editors I was assigned to travel through the United States making portraits of American personnel from General Westmoreland to veteran marines who have long since been forgotten.

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