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Derek Hudson is specialised in documentary and portrait photography for which he has received awards from the World Press Photo organisation of Amsterdam, honoured by the prestigious Art Director's Club of New York and received numerous recognitions for his still photography skills the world over. 

A highly experienced visual storyteller he chose early on in his career to document issues of injustice and suffering, often reacting to news events at a moment's notice. Following a narrow escape in Afghanistan he has turned his lens to less dangerous missions in travel related stories throughout the Mediterranean in collaboration with the French writer Jacques Maigne (see Naples, Tangiers and Alexandria in the Projects section) all while maintaining a keen eye in documentary photography projects. 

In the course of his career he has worked on regular commissions for Time, Newsweek, Sunday Times Magazine, The Observer, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, Financial Times magazine, Stern, Télérama, Le Monde, Paris Match, Vogue France, Gruner + Jahr - Geo Magazine. His proudest accolade, a goal he set himself in his early 20's, came when honoured with his name on the masthead of LIFE magazine as their European based photographer for nine years up to the closure of the foremost pictorial title in 2000.

As changes in publishing news and news features photography transitioned from print to online Derek has adapted his skills and competences in these and other areas to encompass the needs of commercial clients leading to commissions for interior architecture and design, still life and an ever greater emphasis on portraiture. Currently residing in Berlin Derek commutes to London, Paris and New York on assignments and personal projects. 


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