Driftwood, Lamu
Rope, Lamu
Flotsam, Lamu
Root & Comb, Lamu
Driftwood, Lamu II
Chapel window, île d'Yeu
île d'Yeu, France
Rock face, île d'Yeu
Rock face II, île d'Yeu
Granite seam, île d'Yeu
Beach stones, île d'Yeu
Sea worn rock face, île d'Yeu
Self portrait, Lamu
Aux Malades, Aux Désespérés, Paris
House bell, Tangiers
Road marking, Paris
Dune, Lamu III
Dune, Lamu
Dune, Lamu II
Sand ripples, Lamu
Boardwalk, Lamu

Project Information

This selection of archival quality black and white prints from my collection are available to order in the dimensions shown alongside the picture title. They are all printed in the traditional photographic process (unless otherwise stated) on fine art bromide papers, signed by Derek Hudson and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Some of these editions are limited in quantity with prices that reflect their exclusivity. Others are offered in an unlimited quantity and are therefore less costly.

Every print is unique by virtue of the traditional hand printing process rigorously followed by Armenian master printer Toros Aladjajian of Paris. In his long and illustrious career he has rendered glorious images from the precious negatives of master photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Marc Riboud, Josef Koudelka, Sebastião Salgado to name a few. I have exclusively entrusted my work to Toros over the years and will continue to do so thereby ensuring prints of the highest archival quality available.

PRICING: For an indication of the pricing of these prints each picture title is followed by a rating from A to C.
This is provided as a guide only, exact costs will be established on a case by case basis once your specific needs are known.

*A = €2000 and up (essentially very limited editions in large format )
*B = €900 to €1700 (limited editions in formats ranging from 30 x 40cm to 50 x 60cm)
*C = €250 to €700 (unlimited editions depending on size)

For specific pricing please make an enquiry. Oversize print orders are available upon request.

© 2018 Derek Hudson