Koranic school
Military base, Kabul outskirts.
Women and child at a clinic.
Orphan boy and infant.
Mother and her son.
Orphanage children.
Family transport.
U.N. feeding centre.
Kabul outskirts.
U.N. feeding centre.
De mining operation.
Red Cross prosthetics centre.
Women waiting for U.N. food aid
Child amputee.
Psychiatric hospital.
U.N. refugee centre.
Former Taliban operative.
Orphan boy.
Kalashnikov detail.
Mujahideen with RPG
Children's ward, Kabul hospital.
Kabul hospital.
Orphan boys.
Red Cross amputee centre.
Balloon salesman.
Balloon salesman II
Former Taliban operatives.
Psychiatric hospital.
U.N. food aid centre.
Malnourished child and grandmother
Female street beggar
Mujahideen elders
Utensil shop, Kabul
Children's hospital, Kabul.

Project Information

Entering Kabul, Afghanistan in the footsteps of the allied invasion to rid the capital of the Taliban stronghold over the city I was to witness what was yet another humanitarian crisis in the making.
These pictures bear witness to some of the hardships and life in general in the streets and alleyways of this most fascinating metropolis.

© 2017 Derek Hudson