Village children, Hindu Kush.
Chador outfitters, Kabul.
Chai house, Hindu Kush.
Market stall, Kabul.
Coal delivery, Kabul.
Policeman, Kabul.
Boy and bike, Charikar.
Charikar, Afghanistan.
Village boys, Hindu Kush.
U.N. food distribution, Kabul.
Mountain pass, Hindu Kush.
Photographer's shop window.
Amputee, Red Cross, Kabul.
Beggar children, Kabul.
Koranic school
Military base, Kabul outskirts.
Women and child at a clinic.
Orphan boy and infant.
Mother and her son.
Orphanage children.
Family transport.
U.N. feeding centre.
Kabul outskirts.
U.N. feeding centre.
De mining operation.
Red Cross prosthetics centre.
Women waiting for U.N. food aid
Child amputee.
Psychiatric hospital.
U.N. refugee centre.
Former Taliban operative.
Orphan boy.
Kalashnikov detail.
Mujahideen with RPG
Hanging AK47's.
Children's ward, Kabul hospital.
Kabul hospital.
Red Cross amputee centre.
Balloon salesman.
Balloon salesman II
Former Taliban operatives.
Psychiatric hospital.
U.N. food aid centre.
Malnourished child and grandmother
Female street beggar
Mujahideen elders
Utensil shop, Kabul
Children's hospital, Kabul.

Project Information

When it was known that an allied invasion of Afghanistan British and American forces to defeat the Taliban was imminent the world's media sought routes to reach the capitol Kabul by the fastest possible means. It was widely believed that the most common route from Peshawar on the Pakistan border would be impracticable and so many of us decided to fly to Tajikistan and drive over the Hindu Kush approach from the north. This was a far more perilous route than first envisioned though incredibly picturesque. It took almost a week to travel the mountain pass supply roads in a clapped out old open truck but along the way I was lucky to make pictures that complimented the mission I was assigned to in Kabul. The photographs here show scenes from the aforementioned journey followed by work made in and around Kabul post invasion.

© 2018 Derek Hudson